Eric H. Stewart, Graphic Engravers


Using a combination of good old fashioned 'know how' and state of the art technology, we can provide a range of services to best accommodate all your requirements.

Hand Engraving: This most traditional method of engraving utilises small refined tools and burs to achieve superb finishes with that old fashioned effect.

Machine Engraving: Automated machine engraving is cutting edge technology.We have a variety of machines on site which are capable of the producing your designs onto any surface (including stainless steel). Logos on trophy cups, names on medallions, commemorative plaques, and commercial/industrial signage.

Sand Blasting: Sand blasting is primarily used for etching into delicate items such as glass and crystal-ware. However, this process can be used to etch a wide range of materials; Metal, Perspex/plastic, wood, ceramics, stone (marble & granite), and leather. After etching, the image can then be paint filled to your colour specifications.

Laser Engraving & Cutting: Laser technology can produce high quality results, quickly and easily onto most non-reflective surfaces. The technology basically works in a similar way to a printer, syncing with graphics software to reproduce your designs into the specified media. Using lasers can also open up many design options such as cutting custom Perspex shapes to suit your awards or project.

Sublimation Printing: A versatile & inexpensive alternative to engraving, sublimation allows us to reproduce your artwork, design, photographs and corporate logos in full colour on a range of surfaces. Predominantly we use sheet aluminium, which comes in a range of colours (Brushed & Mirror Gold, Brushed & Mirror Silver, Copper, White, Anodised Silver), and a variety pre-cut shapes.

Artwork & Design: All artwork and design is done in-house, we use the latest in graphics software to prepare designs in accordance with the process being used to produce your order.

Repairs & Restoration: Have you got an old trophy cup that needs restoration?? Our skilled staff will be able to repair most damage. We also refurbish old perpetual trophies and give them a new lease on life, ready to accommodate the next generation of winners.

Other Services:

We offer a range of other services through our network of specialist manufacturers and suppliers. Electroplating, resin embedments, cast bronze plaques, and custom designed medallions to name just a few.