Acrylic Honour Boards

View our range of assorted Acrylic Honour Boards, design styles and colours.

Corporate Awards & Trophies have a wide range of Contemporary Standard and Custom Acrylic Honour Board and recognition Boards available. Take Moment to Browse through and see if there is anything of interest.

Please do not hesitate to talk to one of the sales team for more information, we will submit a no-obligation quote for your consideration, and once approved submit a design layout for appraisal.

Please note, there is an initial Artwork and set-up fee incurred ranging from $55 – 110 depending on the complexity and design work involved.

Honour Boards in various shapes and designs, made to order, to recognise that special Staff or Team member.

We also offer updating services on a variety of different Boards, (depending on the type of Honour Board)

Contact one of our sales team for more information.