Material Selections

Material Selections

Glass, Crystal or Acrylic?


Crystal awards have an amazing feel and weight to them but are much less reliable in their cut and can often vary in size and cut from one another. They are much more unique awards when compared to the other materials. The sparkle, clarity, and brilliance of the crystal awards are what set them apart from other materials.


Acrylic is the most versatile of the 3 materials but doesn’t have the feel of weight. Acrylic awards can be changed more easily and are more reliable in their shape and consistency. The laser engraving on acrylic awards has a much brighter and clearer look to them when compared to crystal and glass. We also have more options when it comes to colours and textures


Glass is often the cheaper option but provides many of the qualities of the crystal but without the price. they don’t have the weight of the crystal but have a similar feel and finish. Glass has the most options available and can come with a coloured feature to match your colour scheme

Timber Colour Selection

Timber Colour Choices when it comes to plaques and honour boards is set by the environment in which they live. The lighter colour finishes suit areas with more natural light and suit rooms more natural timber furniture and more modern feel. Where as dark timbers are more suited to being imposing and providing a more classic feel.

Name Badge Selection

Name badges are often part of the face of your organisations and it matters. Available with a wide selection of sizes, materials and finishes. We can create names badges in almost any size but we also have pre-cut sizes for our sublimation name badges.

Our Name badges can come in Gold, Silver, Bronze, solid brass, Full-Colour print or even black lasering brass. They can come with your choice of Magnets, alligator clips, or Pin Clip. to suit the needs of your employees.

Your choice of colours will most likely be dictated by your corporate brand scheme, and full-colour prints better display your colours, but gold or silver gives off a more classical feel and their reflective quality make them stand out more.