Unique Assembled Creations

Unique Assembled Creations

Got an idea for Unique Assembled Creations??

Corporate Awards & Trophies has access to a large network of design and manufacturing specialists perfect for creating truly Unique Assembled Creations, for Awards and Trophies. From custom-designed medallions, trophies, cup, right through to custom-designed sashes & medallion ribbons. Between this network and our state of the art production technology, there isn’t much we can’t do. Talk to us and we will be able to create the perfect award for your Sporting event. Make your ideas, your vision, a reality!!

Corporate Awards & Trophies has an extensive collection of past creations like unique Awards, Acrylic, Glass and crystal awards, Cup, Medals, & plaques. We can customise your awards and trophies through laser engraving/cutting, sandblasting, sublimation, and Colour UV printing or other methods we have to get the result you want.

Have a look at our past creations that examples of the style of work we can do. Contact us for more information or to see other examples of our past  Award and Trophy designs

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