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Christofle Vertigo Tray with Handles

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Product Overview

Rectangular tray with handles L x W: 43* 31 cm

The Vertigo collection stands out thanks to the elliptical ring visible on every piece, a signature as unique as its famous and respected designer Andree Putman, who gave the collection her incomparable flair. The Vertigo offers a depth of range second only to Malmaison and Albi. A sophisticated entertainer herself Andree Putman lent her talents to create an all encompassing collection which will cover your needs from breakfast to dinnertime. The Vertigo hollowware collection has been one of the most successful of the last three decades.
The handles on the trays are rings large enough to carry them without effort. The round bar tray displays two elliptical rings embracing the tray so as to form handles. It is as practical as it is visually stunning.