Eric H. Stewart, Graphic Engravers

Metallic Finish Acrylic Perpetual Honour board

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Our Price: $293.10
(inc GST)

code: HBACR3     weight: 0Kg

Product Overview

Finished with a Metallic Facia panel available in Silver or Gold, plus many other colours and textured finishes available. We then laminate this onto a black acrylic backing panel. Your logos applied in colour, with insert panels supplied. This is a very simple way to update your details, you do not need to do bring the board back to us, with your set-up details on file we can simply create a new plaque with adhesive and send it to you. The panel will have a template for you to work from, just peel and stick.

The cost to update this is from $22.00-33.00 depending on the size of the panel

If you need more information, or would like a custom size, please talk to one of our sales team.

Available in 4 standard sizes

HBACR3-A  W300 x H400mm  2-3 columns

HBACR3-B  W450 x H600mm  3-4 columns

HBACR3-C  W550 x H700mm  3-4 columns -  Layout Configuration Portrait or Lanscape

HBACR3-D W600 x H850mm  4 columns -  Layout Configuration Portrait or Lanscape